Our Story

It all began in the Fall of 2019 at The LIFE Institute, a lifelong learning organization associated with Toronto Metropolitan University.  The topic of climate change was featured in 2 LIFE courses.   Some students wanted to continue the discussion, so they formed the Climate Action Club at LIFE in early 2020, just as the COVID lock-downs began.

We held monthly virtual learning meetings, with member-led presentations and invited speakers.  We also met as smaller interest groups to dig more deeply into advocacy, personal action and nature-based solutions.  Our numbers grew, and we restructured to become Climate Action for Lifelong Learners (CALL) in 2022.

We are a not-for-profit, volunteer-run organization of lifelong learners who are dedicated to limiting climate change with our collective skills, knowledge and experience. 

Mission Statement

We believe that climate change is the existential crisis of our time. Our purpose is to bring Lifelong Learners together into the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss, by providing learning opportunities to move from curiosity to knowledge to action.

Our core value is respect for each person’s journey toward a sustainable future for life on the planet.

• Individually, by reducing personal emissions

• Strengthening our relationships with the natural world

• Using our voices and energy to advocate with decision-makers.

Fresh Norwegian Air, Photo courtesy of Wendy Nurgitz
Photo courtesy of Wendy Nurgitz

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