Interest Groups

Our interest groups meet monthly – either by zoom or in person, and everyone is welcome to attend.  Look in our current newsletter for meeting dates, times and Zoom meeting links (or locations if the meeting is in-person).  You can contact a group by sending an eMail to the addresses noted for each group.

Climate Advocacy

We learn about climate change policies that will protect future generations on our planet, and together we advocate with all levels of government.

eMail address:

Individual Action

We learn how to lower personal emissions within our homes, vehicles, the food we eat and the things we do, and support each other in this journey.

eMail address: 

Nature-based Solutions

We learn how we can protect, sustainably manage and restore our natural ecosystems to mitigate the effects of climate change. We also meet for guided hikes and other activities in nature.

eMail address:

Ad hoc interest groups

From time to time, we meet to delve into key climate change issues and/or events.  Past topics include decarbonization of the electricity grid, COP meetings and election issues specific to climate change.

Photo credit:  Photo: CC0 1.0, via Centre for Ageing Better
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