Monthly learning meetings and interest group gatherings are usually online.
Field trips, climate rallies and other social events bring us together to meet in person and make a difference.

Our People

‘It takes a village’ to keep an organization like CALL running and we are grateful and energized by the fact we have had so many dedicated people engaged in our group from the start. We welcome you to join our volunteer group of organizers bringing your own special skills, curiousity and willingness to learn.

Here are some of the people who “keep the wheels on” at CALL and what they do:

• Michael Barkley (Leadership team; Climate Advocacy interest group co-lead; CALL representative to other climate groups)

• Anne Heber (Newsletter editor)

• JoAnne Hunter (Leadership team; Nature-based Solutions interest group co-lead; programming committee)

• Joan Laurie (Leadership team; programming committee)

• Peggi Liswood (Leadership team; CALL representative to Third Age Network)

• Karen Robbins (Leadership team; communications team; programming committee; website editor)

• Karen Sadlier-Brown (Leadership team; Climate Advocacy interest group co-lead; programming committee; newsletter editor)

• Judy Sheridan (Nature-based Solutions interest group co-lead; Webmaster)

• Lindy Small (Newsletter editor)

• Caroline Taylor (Leadership team, convenor; communications team)

• Sharon Zeiler (Leadership team, membership; Individual Action interest group lead)

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